The Maharani's Closet

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The Maharani's Closet - South African Saree, Anarkali, Lehenga, Kurti & Easternwear Supply & Distribution Service


Established in 2014. We are a specialised DURBAN & SURAT supply company that provides factory to client service for all the latest branded designer garments on the current market. 

Stores and resellers order their stock through our services. We additionally allow the public the privilege of using our service to firstly gain access all current collections on the Indian market (not only the products that the SA retailers feel that they can stock and sell at a profit), and secondly to acquire them at pre-retail prices. 
We do not partake in the "entertainment" phase of the industry. Our focus lies only in providing the best value for money possible in terms of product. We are not for those who are seeking a traditional entertaining shopping show. (the retail industry provides and charges for those services.)

Along with our stellar reputation and peace of mind provided by our:

1) Unmatched return policies - that set us apart from every other seller/supplier.
2) Unmatched range.
3) Genuine products.
4) All-inclusive prices.
5) Local payment processes.
6) Semi Stitched garments eliminate size and fit issues.

We have become the Best Supply Service in the industry. 

Evolve the way you shop with the future of tradition.


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